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Here You Can Download Many Applications Programmed By Myself...
#1 Make it say it

In this first ever program created by the hands of GeekyCompz we now present you with an application/utility that can speak your own text that you enter.

Activation Key: H38D1J7E8DF7

#2 KeyLogger V1.0

This application can log all the keys pressed on your keyboard, you can use this to find who is using your computer during the day or even to get password (not reccommended).

Activation Key: Not Needed

#3 Encryptor & Decryptor

This amazing tool can simply change your text into an unreadable language within seconds. Then you can simply decode it to normal just by entering the passcode (if one) and hitting decrypt. Now you can send hidden messages freely without others knowing what you are typing.

Activation Key: Not Needed